Monday, October 11, 2010


Lately I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed. With finding a new apartment, keeping up with my busy almost toddler, new friends/opportunities... just life in general.

I think this feeling is a combination of life circumstances coming together and the fact that I am pregnant--which, makes you tired, normal daily activities become physically draining, your energy level is low, etc. Additionally, I love being a momma and doing things with and for Ruby, but her energy level is so high its hard to match :)

So, I guess I feel that life is going by at warp speed and I am floating above trying to get it to slow down a little. And because I can't do anything one thing well, I am slacking in all departments... if that makes sense.

After talking with my sweet husband, he reminded me that in my own strength life IS overwhelming. I am not physically or emotionally capable to handle all of life's comings and goings by myself. It's just impossible. So this is my prayer:

Lord, please help me to rely on you. I confess my sin of anxiety and worry and give it to you. Please help me to have the peace that passes all understanding and know that you will give me the strength to accomplish what you have me to do for any day. I trust in you.

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  1. Dear are a wonderful mommy and a great wife. So in God's economy you are very successful in the things that matter most. :) Be encouraged and just try to do the one or two things a day that will make you feel the best at the end of the day whether it's a clean toilet and a good supper or writing an email and going grocery shopping. Love, Aunt D.