Friday, December 14, 2012


 Piper is my almost two year old. I really can't believe that my baby will be 2 next month...!


She was my harder birth of the two.... 22 hours. Sunny side up. And definitely worst pain of my life. I definitely remember being SO glad she was here and that was over :) 

  She's a daddy's girl. Always has been. Always will. 

She's also a little stinker. Likes to get into mischief. Ryan said to me the other day, "Honey, I'm sorry... but I think Piper is going to be like I was as a child." I've heard the stories. Oh joy. ;)

She's a cuddler. So much so that she wanted to sleep in bed with me or at least wake me up to nurse in the night until she was a YEAR OLD. Love her. 

But mostly, she loves her sissy. She wants to be just like her when she grows up.  

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